Two pre-conference courses (June 11th 2019 15-18h) are included in the registration fee:

Dr Riccardo Leardi

Presentation of the CAT (Chemometric Agile Tool) free chemometric software.  

A freely downloadable software based on R has been developed. It has all the advantages of the R environment, but, being menu driven, it does not require any knowledge of R.
Originally thought of as a tool for beginners (especially people following courses), at present the software covers many of the main topics of chemometrics (PCA, Multivariate Calibration, Classification/Modeling, Multiple Linear Regression/Design of Experiments), together with the possibility of performing some univariate and bivariate statistics and plots.

Dr Gabriel Vivó

Bayesian statistics in chemometrics: why, when and how?

In this course we will give an overview on the basics of Bayesian statistics, its view to classical chemometrics' examples (regression: classical vs. PLS, Ridge, Lasso; pattern recognition and classification: PCA, LDA).l We will discuss examples an extensions in which Bayesian statistics is useful (mass spectrometry, chromatography).