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Abstract submission guidelines

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Abstracts, posters and written documents should be prepared in English.

Authors can choose the preferred mode of presentation (oral or poster) and the scientific topic. The final decision on both aspects will be provided by the Scientific Committee.

The acceptance of an abstract means the author’s commitment to present it.

It will be possible to transfer such duty to another of the abstract’s authors during the Conference, however the new presenter should be registered.

All abstracts presented at the Conference must be original work, meaning they have not been presented in other Conferences.

The presenter author should be registered. Registration to the conference can be done after the acceptance of the abstract.

There is a limit of 1 poster submission per presenter author.

-Example 1: one author working alone can submit one poster and one oral. If the oral is not accepted but recommended as poster, the author must decide which poster is kept.

-Example 2: one author working alone can´t submit two posters nor two orals.

-Example 3: two authors working together can submit two posters. Both authors can appear on both posters. The presenter of poster1 should be author1. The presenter of poster2 should be author2. Author1 (nor author2) can´t be the same presenter for the two posters. Each author can also submit one oral. If the oral is not accepted but recommended as poster, the author will decide which poster is kept.

TITLE of the Abstract

The title must be short and reflect the nature of the study.

The title should not exceed 200 characters (including spaces).

SUMMARY of the Abstract

The text should not exceed 2500 characters (including spaces).

Most commonly used abbreviations can be used. However, in case of using unknown abbreviations, please specify its meaning between brackets on its first appearance.


The text should not exceed 250 characters (including spaces).

Optional FIGURE

JPG format. Max. 2 Mbytes.

Required figure CAPTION if figure is uploaded

The text should not exceed 150 characters (including spaces).


  • Theory and method development
  • Image analysis
  • Food and Agriculture
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Bioinformatics & Omics
  • Process
  • Environmental
  • Other



Posters size should not exceed 120cm (high) x 90cm (wide).

Oral Presentation

Presenters will have 15 minutes for the presentation and 5 minutes for questions and answers.

The day and hour of the presentation will be announced in the final program.

All presentations must be prepared in PowerPoint format. In case of using a non-pre-installed font, please make sure you embed the font when saving the file. All videos inserted in the power point must be embedded as well.

Please provide a copy of your presentation (USB) to the Organizing Committee the day before of the conference slot.

Abstract Submission Receipt

After the submission of the abstract, you will receive an automatic e-mail receipt containing the submitted information and the reference identification.

Please double check the e-mail addresses during submission as this will be the only way to receive the receipts.

If you do not receive this receipt, please check the Spam folder of your email server. If not, then contact the Organizing Committee.

The Organizing Committee is expressly authorized to publish all the abstracts presented at the Conference in the Congress’ publications. As well as to its later inclusion in the Publications section of the 10th Colloquium Chemiometricum Mediterraneum’s website.

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